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 Welcome to New Life Maternity Home

   At the New Life Maternity Home we give life a chance.  We help unwed Mothers during the process of their pregnancy, giving them a place to stay and assisting them with their needs.

 New Life Maternity Home

"We Give Life A Chance"

 Helping those who are giving life a chance...

Norvel Hayes Ministries provides a safe haven for un-wed mothers during their pregnancy with the atmosphere of the love of Christ...New Life Maternity Home provides the necessary facility for girls during their pregnancy and assistance with the birth of their baby.  It's staff consists of in-house parents who care for the girls concerning their physical and spiritual needs.  It's dedication to saving babies is the true vision of the home.

If you know of someone who needs help with their pregnancy,
please contact us at: (423)478-5351 for more information.


Mail all donations to: P.O. Box 1379, Cleveland, TN 37364

To send your donation payment online click here:

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