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 Welcome to New Life Bible College

      Here at New Life Bible College Campus we are dedicated to building a foundation of the Word of God into our students and teaching them true relationship with God through Worship.

"Building Character to deliver the Anointing."

     Dr. Norvel Hayes teaches how God's power will set people totally free... to see the crippled walk, sight restored to the blind, the sick healed and the demon-possessed delivered.  He has taught the word of God across the nation and overseas in bible schools, Full Gospel Businessmen's conventions, large and small churches, missions, university and high school classrooms, and in federal and state penitentiaries.  Through Bro. Norvel's ministry, Satan's power over many lives has been broken and driven out.  Many have lived and not died as a result of the Holy Spirit totally revolutionizing them by driving out cancers, giving new hearts, straightening crooked limbs, restoring marriages, rescuing souls and countless other miracles.  Bro. Norvel says, "I know that the only plan God has provided for you is VICTORY!  This plan is revealed to us through God's word."  God's power for victory is the Holy Spirit performing God's word; not ideas in the minds of men.  Therefore, to possess the victorious life God has provided, one must begin with sound teaching from the word of God.  At New Life Bible College, the bible is the only textbook used in the classroom.  Our curriculum is designed to lay a foundation of God's word on the inside of each student so that they can live to the fullest in the abundant life of Christ and take God's mighty power to the world.  New Life Bible College is truly a voice to the nations by equipping each student to minister the word of God with the Holy Spirit's power.  We provide the training you need at New Life Bible College to FEED YOUR FAITH and starve your doubts to death!

  the commission

"Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel"    Mark 16:20                      

What is your part in fulfilling the great commission?  What has God called you to do?

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