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Founder & President of NHM


Dr. Norvel L. Hayes

Norvel Hayes Ministries ~ New Life Bible Church ~ New Life Bible College

Norvel Hayes is a successful businessman, internationally renowned Bible teacher, and founder of several Christian ministries in the U.S. and abroad.

Brother Hayes founded New Life Bible College, located in Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1977. New Life Bible Church grew out of the Bible school’s chapel services. The bible college offers accredited degrees on-campus.  Also, there are courses of study through the online Global Campus.  Among its many other outreaches, the church ministers God’s Word and hot meals daily to the poor through New Life Community Kitchen.

Brother Hayes is also founder and president of New Life Maternity Home, a ministry dedicated to the spiritual, physical and financial needs of young girls during pregnancy.  Click Here for more info.

Known internationally for his dynamic exposition of the Word of God, Brother Hayes spends most of his time teaching and ministering God’s deliverance and healing power in churches, college classrooms, conventions, and seminars around the world.

Executive Director & Vice President of NHM

Dr. Zona Hayes-Morrow

Zona Hayes-Morrow is a successful business woman, mother, bible teacher and Executive Director of Norvel Hayes Ministries.

Founder of Women Of Worship, Action Faith Ministries which are both located in Cleveland TN, Vice president of NHM, Director & Dean of New Life Bible College, and Senior Pastor of New Life Bible Church. Zona works side by side with her father Dr. Norvel Hayes in delivering the word of God with authority and power. When not busy fulfilling these responsibilities, Zona is traveling and ministering wherever the Lord leads her.

She has a tremendous testimony of how the Lord has delivered her from numerous diseases, such as lupis and kidney failure. Her burden is to see God's power set people free, while meeting their needs. With this desire she has also instituted 'Healing School' services at the ministry to help people receive their healing from God. These are reflections of her everyday life and ministry.

Healing & Miracle Service

Zona has a high regard for God's Word and the authority of it. Her ministry is refreshing and provides a practical approach to the ways of God.

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